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Yes, the silver hair is natural! 

Alexandra Torres, a native Houstonian, brings a unique flair to the creative scene with over 15 years of design experience. She is an Entrepreneur, Designer, and Artist. Her career began at the age of 17 creating her father's, Carlos Torres, marketing material.


Alexandra is known for her keen marketing skills, responsiveness, and educating her clients throughout the branding process. She ensures her clients are always taken care of and expresses a genuine interest in each person she works with. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Alexandra serves a diverse range of clientele. 

Her heart is to help private practices and healthcare clinics establish their brand's vision within their communities. In 2009, Alexandra, graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a BFA in Interior Design. She created a website hoping to work in her chosen profession. Many people saw her brand and asked if she could help with their start-up's branding as well! This is where her love for branding was born.

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