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5 Brands that Exemplify Consistency

Apple, Old Spice, Tesla, GoPro, and Disney are five brands that have successfully found a niche in the psychology of their audience. Below you will find about each one and the idea that they conjure in the public.


In 1996, Apple was facing many challenges in their business. One of the most important was the lack of a big idea that would guide their work. They needed a big idea that would link their brand to consumers. Apple set out to accomplish this by making a brand promise to take the side of the consumer and make things simple. From this brand promise they created a strategy with 5 touch points: brand story, innovation surprise, purchase moment, and a happy experience. Steve Jobs used to say that a tech company starts with the consumer's experience and works its way back to the technology. Today, simplicity underlines all of Apple's products. Their stores' layouts also exemplify simplicity at every stage. They allow the consumer to touch and feel the product without pressure.


In 1990, Procter & Gamble acquired the company from Shulton Inc. They wanted to change the public image of Old Spice, so they released a television commercial with a former NFL star performing various physical feats while maintaining eye-contact with the camera. "The man your man could smell like," was the title of this campaign. Through the use of social media they allowed people to ask question that would personally be answered by the Old Spice Guy. Afterward, sales went up by 125% year on year through the summer of 2010. The brand's website's traffic increased 300%, and today its channel is the number one brand channel on YouTube.


Tesla's marketing focuses on performance through technology. According to Tesla, traditional cars are dirty, complex, unreliable, and difficult to keep. To emphasize this, they promoted their "white floor" service centers. There they could prove that their cars did not leak oil and other dirty fluids. Elon Musk, the owner of the company, also made his patents for the Tesla model open-source. This to encourage competition in this new market. Tesla Motors has no ad agency, no advertising, no CMO, and no dealer networks. Instead their fans are very strong advocates, who see in their car a slice of the future. These fans advocate the brand through forums like Reddit. There is a sub-reddit with 55,000 fans. Tesla's idea is that if you make an amazing car, people will be talking about it.


GoPro is an Australian company that revolutionized advertising for their field. They were not the first company to offer wearable cameras, but they had a new content marketing strategy. The company hired stunt men and extreme sports athletes to show off their talents with the small camera. After they would upload the footage on the GoPro YouTube channel. In this way the #gopro campaign began. Soon customers were making their own videos and uploading them in their own channels. In 2013, viewers uploaded three year's worth of content. In that year, the company made $985 million, and GoPro went public.


In its ad campaigns, Disney aims to bring families close together through cross-generational memories. Disney is able to transport people to another time by immersing guests in specially crafted fantastical environments. Another strategy that has been successful for Disney is nostalgia. Walt Disney often said that he hoped that people wouldn't forget that it all started with a mouse. Disney theme parks offer meet and greets, parades, and other interactive experiences where people can interact with their favorite characters. Magic has also been an important strategy in their success. Through fireworks, free ice cream treats, and shows by cast members, Disney commits to making their guests' experience unforgettable.



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