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Print & Digital Media Pairing - Why It Matters

Is print media dead? Has technology made traditional marketing and branding methods obsolete? Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three important reasons a print media strategy is still powerful, effective and relevant despite today's digital media dominance.

1. Paper Power: The reality is that people simply like the texture, feel and scent of print on paper. Print media is a sensory experience that today's digital media deprives a consumer from enjoying. Marketing experts claim that when branded material takes on the form of traditional printed media, advertising effectiveness increases 70%.

2. Credibility: Perhaps the presidential campaign season of 2016 was a painful reminder that it is easy to fool people when you hide behind a viewscreen and keyboard. Fake news will probably go down in history as the new online phenomena of last year. However, with printed media there is a stronger sense of credibility. This is true whether it be a printed newspaper, magazine or sales circular. To be able to hold something in your hand and track down the source from where it originated and prove that a business said or represented a particular message wields powerful influence. Printed media builds trust in your relationship with a targeted market.

3. The Numbers: Although the feel good and trust elements are important, what it really comes down to is the final number. Industry research indicates that when print media is part of an overall marketing strategy, return on investment (ROI) increases. So, if you're wondering why magazines and newspapers are still around, it's because ROI can be improved by as much as 61% when ink meets paper.

To get started on integrating print media into your current digital marketing strategy, find a creative partner who knows how to translate your vision into the perfect print campaign


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