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The 5 Critical Components of Powerful Branding

No matter the size of your business, whether you own a mom-and-pop joint or a large-scale corporation with hundreds of employees, you must always put in the effort to create a brand for your professional entity. Without proper branding, your business lacks a vital part of its identity. As a business owner, it is necessary that you continuously educate yourself on the importance of branding and research different methods to strengthen your brand. In this post, we will uncover the five critical components of powerful branding.

1. A Ubiquitous Presence: One way you strengthen your brand identity is by making sure it is everywhere...everywhere that your target audience is, at least. In every place that your brand pops up, you should strive for repetition and consistency. You want your brand to be so ubiquitous that your target audience will always recognize it and never forget it.

2. A Commanding Logo: With all of the advancements in technology and the way we create branding strategies, the logo hasn't died. In fact, it is just as relevant as ever and a necessary part of every company's branding efforts. You need a logo that is not only unique and an accurate representation of what your company is and what it plans to do, but a logo that commands the attention of your target audience. It must be eye-catching. Creating a logo or giving it a makeover is not something you want to do hastily or whimsically; create a logo in a strategic manner. Put in the necessary planning and invest in a talented, professional graphic designer. That investment pays off and shows the public that you take pride in your appearance and maintaining a powerful brand.

3. Consistent Design: The overall design of your marketing strategy, whether it's the design on your website or the graphics on marketing literature, must be consistent in order to create and maintain a strong brand identity. If design is messy or does not match, it will be harder to establish the consistency necessary to develop a brand that people recognize. In addition to creating consistent design, your design absolutely must be done by a pro. Nobody has to be a professional graphic designer to know the difference between poor design that was done by an amateur and design done by a professional. Invest in professional design, because, like the logo you have created, it shows the public that you are a company who values professional appearance.

4. A Human Element: In recent years, more companies are recognizing the importance of personalizing their brand and avoiding the glossy, corporate feel. Businesses do better when they connect with the public's emotions instead of trying to push a sale or advertise blatantly. Your branding must contain a human element for it to be effective, and more importantly, be a brand that people can trust. There is no way you can maintain repeat customers if they don't trust you. Work with a professional to design a branding strategy that works to personalize your brand and the company. Part of branding is showing the public the face behind the brand.

5. A Story: Your brand can't just be a logo or a website, it has to be a story. Find a way to use your brand to narrate an important story. Show the public how your business originated and don't be afraid to give it an emotional appeal. Make your band something that your target audience not only recognizes, but can experience and want to be a part of.

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