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Why Every Business Needs A Copywriter

Are you looking to invest in an aggressive marketing campaign? Do you have a product or service that needs effective branding? Have you been faithfully placing ads that have not resulted in customers faithfully placing orders? If your marketing strategy doesn't seem to be working, maybe you should examine its content. Then you will see the value of a professional copywriter.

Expert Advice: Today's consumer will always, at some point, be found online. That is where any ad campaign or branding strategy is going to make the most impact. About 40% of e-commerce begins with a search engine. 35% of e-commerce are shoppers going directly to a website. Marketing experts offer many reasons why a business should hire a copywriter in order to capture their online audience.

Time: Your time is necessarily divided between running your business and creating content. Not so for a copywriter. Their time is devoted to their craft. This attentiveness results in higher quality content.

Talent: If your talent had been writing, you would be the copywriter, not running the business you are currently trying to grow. You may struggle to convey your brand's message. Most copywriters have a gift, words just seem to flow from their pen, er, keyboard. Trust their talent.

Grammar: "They're going there with their coats on." The English language is confusing. If you didn't get straight A's in English class, do you really want to be the one writing content for your website, ads and business blog? Trust a grammar expert, a copywriter.

Versatility: Somehow, a talented copywriter can start out in left field, or even outer space, and yet manage to tie it all together with your product or service. That kind of versatility keeps readers interested and intrigued.

Word Psychology: Words matter. They have the power to sink ships and persuade. Are you looking to blow a hole in your business or convince people they can't live without what you have to offer? A copywriter will know just the right words to attract an audience and draw in a crowd. In other words, a copywriter will use the word persuade rather than manipulate, when describing how an ad design affects readers. See how that works?

Relevance: Marketing experts always have their ear to the ground, so to speak. Whatever is trending, a copywriter is going to be aware and leverage this aspect for greater impact in reaching an audience. If you want to focus on managing your business rather than keep track of what is going viral, hire a copywriter.

Design: To optimize content, the creator must be knowledgeable about how it will present in different formats and display on various devices. You wouldn't post an email ad on Twitter. If your website is old, the layout may need a new design so that it performs better. You may also need a site dedicated to mobile devices. 53% of all online traffic occurs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Do you really want to worry about all of these technical details or would you rather have a professional take care of this?

Connecting With Talent: Getting connected with a great copywriter means finding one who can deliver the whole enchilada. Do you really want to have to juggle multiple professional relationships with a plethora of services from a website designer, social media manager and digital advertiser? That would defeat the entire purpose of partnering with professionals to make your working life a little less complicated. A full-service professional design agency, like Xandr Creatives, can deliver everything you need:

  • Branding packages

  • Custom design and printing

  • Videography and photography

  • Comprehensive marketing campaign strategy

  • And, of course, tying all of these services together is the content provided by masters of their craft, the copywriters.

What They Actually Do: A copywriter is going to do so much more than just write a catchy jingle or clever slogan. They are going to craft a strategy that ties together an entire marketing schematic that includes:

  • Website content

  • Blog posts

  • Ad messaging

  • Email messages

  • Social media campaigns and posts

  • Logos

  • Business cards

  • Anything related to brand identity

It's easy to see by this list how much time commitment is involved, not to mention talent, expertise and knowledge. If you want to keep your day job, doing what it is that you do best, leave this responsibility in the hands of a capable copywriter. You may have an amazing vision for your brand but you lack the expertise to translate it. The creative talents of a skilled copywriter can take your vision and communicate it to the world in a variety of forms and messages with a vividness that will hold them spellbound. Let this creatively persuasive message inspire consumers to be a part of what makes your brand the best among all of its peers.

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1 Comment

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