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Starting something of your own is always exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! Allow us to do what we do best, while you focus on targeting your ideal patient! We will take you step by step and guide you during the process of starting your practice from a branding standpoint and helping you identify your target audience.


A Wix Studio custom branding package from Care Identity is a great starting point to create a new image or identity for your care clinic. Our Wix Studio package is comprehensive, including everything from a custom-designed logo to a color palette for marketing and business communications. It also include copywriting and web design services, so you can tell your brand's story on a great-looking website.​ Whether you’re a startup or established care clinic, every aspect of branding is attended to with Care Identity.​

  • Medical Wixsites Templates

    Coming Spring 2024 - Great for those DIY practices seeking a sleek design.
    • Template Only from
    • Fully Customizable
    • Includes an Editing + Site Setup Course
    • Access to our Full Template Library
    • AI-Crafted Content Fine-Tuned by Humans
    • Mobile + Tablet Friendly
    • Site co-owner
    • Own Domain
    • No design or Copywriting assistance available
    • Disclaimer: Not considered a branding package.

    Wix Studio Starting at

    Custom design and branding for Care Clinic start-ups who want a personalized online presence.
    • Logo Design
    • Business Card Design
    • Brand Voice (Content Writing)
    • Branded +Custom Web Design on Wix Studio (up to 6 Pages)
    • Mobile + Tablet Friendly
    • Informational Site Only.
    • Own your Domain
    • No Monthly Maintenance Fees
    • Be a Site Co-Owner
    • Easy to Edit & Maintain
    • Full CSS Control
    • Customization via APIs & SPIs integrations (Custom Pricing)
    • Does Not Include 3rd Party Integrations (Custom Pricing)
    • Does not include ecommerce set-up (Custom Pricing)
  • Medical Wixsites Semi-Custom

    Starting Spring 2024
    • Select a Template from
    • Our designer will assist in tailoring your chosen template
    • Mobile + Tablet Friendly
    • Site co-owner
    • Own Domain
    • No copywriting assistance available
    • Disclaimer: Not considered a branding package.
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